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History | Brief Description | A Day In the life of a Orthodontist | Perk & Pitfalls | Education | Interview
Perk & Pitfalls

The perks of being an orthodontist is you get to make people feel good about themselves because their teeth are better then they used to be. There is probably not a better feeling then helping a kid at school that got picked on because he or she had very crooked teeth. Orthodontists love the social part of their job they get to talk about fifty different patients a day that come from many different places, have many different ages and have many different cultures, this is what keeps their job fun exciting and interesting.

The pitfalls of being an orthodontist is that since you are running your own business location of it is very important and if you pick a bad location then you will not have that much success. You also dont have any guarantee that your business is going to do well and since you put a lot of effort, time and money you wouldnt want that to happen. Even if you do have a good location your not sure how many patients your going to have and if people are going to like you. Since orthodontists run their own business they sometimes have conflicts between staff as well as sometimes the patients wont cooperate.


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