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History | Brief Description | A Day In the life of a Orthodontist | Perk & Pitfalls | Education | Interview
Brief Description

All orthodontists work together in fixing malocclusion, which means a bad bite, examples of this, would be crowded teeth, protruding teeth, under bites and over bites. Orthodontists want to fix positioning of the teeth by using retainers and braces. They usually start off doing this around the age of thirteen, the reasoning for this is because they need to work with permanent teeth and thirteen is usually the average age that all the baby teeth will be gone at. They examine the whole mouth first and then use x-rays and photographs to figure out how they want to fix the problem. They might end up using a retainer braces or sometimes surgery but surgery is the most uncommon.

Orthodontists get paid by their patients or their insurance companies. Orthodontists have to pay for their own health insurance, life insurance and retired benefits but still have a great salary, they make about $100.000 $150.000 this would be what they start out making but it would definitely get bigger after being in the business. An Orthodontist is a great job if you are planning on having a big family because you will need a lot of money and you will be sure to get it.


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