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History | Brief Description | A Day In the life of a Orthodontist | Perk & Pitfalls | Education | Interview

There has always been numerous problems with teeth; the first time someone tried to fix them was in 1000 BC. Dr Norman Kingsley was the first person to try to correct peoples teeth but ran into many problems because at this time many people didnt have a full set of teeth. In the 1890s they started using artificial teeth and focused on how teeth should bite together. Dr. Edward angle also known as "the father of orthodontics " had interest in proper occlusion in natural teeth and this is how the specialty of orthodontics began. In the 1930s malocclusion helped facial proportions. In the 1940s a thing called Cephalometric radiograph was developed this was used to see how bones in the face contribute to malocclusion. They figured out that by redirecting the teeth it would prevent malocclusion. In the 1970s they were able to give surgery to patents that didnt have the ability to grow anymore which meant that bone causes of malocclusion could be treated. Now a days that they have figured out how teeth work they use thing like retainers and braces to fix them.